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No evidence of sexism in peer review. There is no prima facie evidence that women are discriminated against in the awarding process — the award rates for both

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No sexism please, we’re Swedish – films classified by representation of women Rating movies by gender equality may be a blunt tool but it raises serious issues

Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender. Sexism can affect any gender, but it is particularly documented as

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It’s no secret that, despite the many gains we’ve made over the past century, sexism is still a major problem in our society. On average, women earn 77 cents for

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The latest Tweets from No To Sexism (@no_to_sexism16). No mens’ right. No women’s rights. Just human rights. The right to equality. Call out fake sexism. Challenge

The Sexism of Telling Women to Smile: Your Stories. No one tells a male stranger to smile; only women are expected to placidly smile all the time.

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And no, sexism isn’t to blame Kate Aronoff. Obama said that her struggles in the polls are due to bias. But for er voters, our hesitance is about policy – not

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Sexism is a broad term that describes a number of occurrences, actions, attitudes and beliefs. The purist form of sexism is an attitude that women are inferior to men.

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On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday, host Mark Levin took to task liberals who suggest that there is systemic racism and sexism in the United States

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