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The 7 Sexiest Things to Do With Your Hands Your penis isn’t the only star in the bedroom. You have 10 tools just waiting to be used: your fingers

Check out 10 things men wish women new about sex as well as other sexual health tips and advice at

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30 Sexy Things to Do Before Sex – Cosmopolitan

Make your love session the best it can be by avoiding doing these things before and after you have sex.

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12 Sex Things Men Don’t Care About We’re having sex. We could get stabbed and not notice for hours. We’re not going to notice your hairy legs.

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12 Things Women Do Right Before Sex but Never Admit To We much prefer when we have time to do these things (even if we’d never admit it publicly): 1.

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Jan 03, 2014 · 5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Sex Life It’s amazing what a little tailoring will do for your “The Huffington Post” is a registered trademark of

Six things sex can do for you, from reducing your anxiety to soothing your pain.

Sex Tips The 15 sex fantasies she craves If you suspect she’s too shy to tell you her true fantasies, think again.

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Jul 21, 2013 · But sometimes, things happen during sex that can take even the most sexually confident of us aback. There are sounds, and smells and feelings that make us

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