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When people think of sports in Brazil, soccer is the first thing that comes to mind, but there are many other sports that are enjoyed throughout the country.

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The Sports in Brazil have excelled in the field of swimming, sailing athletics and judo and earned respect and medals for the country in all of these fields.

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By CAREY FOX Times Sports Editor Northview head coach Clint Weddle preaches unselfish basketball and dedicated defensive tenacity to his players each day in practice.

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It is not very hard to state that football — or soccer, as the Americans call it — is the most popular sport in Brazil. However, other modalities are gaining

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Due to its temperate conditions all year round, Brazil has established a significant sporting culture. Not only are sports widely played and popular amongst vast

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Sports in Brazil are those that are widely practiced and popular in the country, as well as others which originated there or have some cultural significance.

When you think of Brazil,football is the first thing that comes to mind,there’s no other country that takes it more seriously than the Brazilians

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